Leadership – Cyber & Risk Strategist

CWF photoCraig Fuher has over 25 years of hands-on experience as a business visionary, leading startup, emerging, and mature organizations by providing decisive leadership, management and guidance with a proven ability to execute in intensely competitive environments.  He has built his distinctive background in technology and insurance leadership by developing exceptional expertise in managing large-scale operations and technology initiatives, consistently delivering results by developing teams to produce innovative solutions in competitive and challenging situations.  Some of his specific areas of experience are:  Business Strategy & Process Development,  Forecasting, Cost Controls, Cyber Security Principles & Cyber Risk Management, Intellectual Property Protection and Intellectual Property Litigation experience.

Craig has been involved in the creation of several technology and business service organizations and was a consumer and innovator of cyber insurance products long before today’s market for cyber insurance products and coverage existed.  He pioneered the Application Service Provider (ASP) space in the insurance industry with the industry’s very first offering in 1999. His company offered the first commercially available “Cloud Solution” years before cloud computing was even thought of as a technology offering term.  In 2001, Craig was awarded the Technology Industry Leadership Award by Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce which was presented by the Governor of California.

Craig is the Founder, and former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of XDimensional Technologies, Inc., a technology company which continues to develop and market internet based software and other technology solutions to the insurance industry.  The focus of the company is developing internet-based enterprise software solutions (Software as a Service – SaaS), specifically in the area of providing highly secure web applications and services.  The flagship product is Nexsure, which is an industry leading insurance platform that is provided as a 100% “Cloud” solution.

Craig is a core member of a Cyber Security Advisory Board for the development of a Master’s of Science Degree in National Security Studies (Cyber Security).  The Board is composed of five members from the United States intelligence community and private sector with grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the purpose of establishing a National Model Curriculum for Cyber Security and Intelligence.

Craig served in the United States Air Force from 1985 through 1989 and was named Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year, 35th Tactical Fighter Wing in 1988.  He has a Master’s degree in National Security Studies from California State University (CSUSB) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Southern Illinois University.  He is a Member of InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and the private sector  and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).  He is a Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Broker, specializing in Cyber/Data/Network Coverages in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.