Technology Use Policy

Technology Use Policy 2.0

Employers are expected to clearly communicate the organization’s position to employees as it pertains to employee conduct and privacy. Technology Use Policy 2.0 helps employers accomplish this.

This is a sample Technology Use Policy designed to give employees guidance as to the use of the company’s technology systems, and to inform them of prohibited conduct.

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Policy Excerpt

This document sets forth the Technology use policy of INSERT NAME (the “Company”) with respect to telephones, cellular telephones, personal data assistants (PDA’s) voice mail, email, instant messaging, personal webmail based email accounts, text messaging and Internet usage. All personnel (including but not limited to employees, consultants, or others working with the Company) who use the Company’s technical assets, the “Technology” (including but not limited to computers, telephones, cellular telephones, telephone extensions, wired and/or wireless internet routers internet access points or other Company owned technology) are required to comply with this policy statement.

Company Technology Usage (OPTION 1)

Company Technology use, on Company time, is authorized to conduct Company business. Limited personal use of Company owned technology is allowed if, (a) in compliance with this policy and (b) is reasonable in amount and does not interfere with work performance or business needs.

Company Technology Usage (OPTION 2)

Company Technology use, on Company time, is authorized to conduct Company business only. Personal use of Company owned Technology is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Use

Provided below is a non-exclusive list of prohibited acts associated with Company Technology. When considering the appropriateness of engaging in a particular act, personnel should be guided by both specific prohibitions and the other mandates set forth in this policy. Users shall not use… (Continued)