We are one of the largest privately held, specialty concrete contractors in the country, with office locations spanning the west coast from Kent, Washington down to Fontana, California. As you can imagine, in today’s business world email is critical to our business. Recently, we had a hard drive failure on our e-mail server and had to restore from the previous nights backup.

All e-mails that had been received after the backup would have been lost had we not had the iPrevision e-mail archiving in place.

As you can imagine, the iPrevision e-mail archiving proved very useful on that fateful day. During the downtime that day we were still receiving e-mail to the iPrevision device and had the capability of retrieving important e-mails for users that needed them while the server was being restored. After we had the e-mail back up and running we then were able to resend all the e-mails that came in after the previous nights backup resulting in no e-mail loss.James Brammeier | Concord, CA

The iPrevision system was recommended to me by a trusted colleague and has been one of the best investments I ever made! The protection we were getting for our previous content management system was minimal and access to actual data was unheard of. With the iPrevision management system I am able to control so many more variables, have access to more data, and I can be confident that it is always working. From the moment the device was in place, I felt more confidence in the security and reliability not only of the network I was providing for my staff, but also in the protection I was providing for my students.

Each time I log into the system I find something new that it does, and now we are using the device as our firewall, a SPAM filter for our Microsoft Exchange server, and also as a web content filter. The firewall was configured from the time it was set up, and so far has been great at protecting my network while providing access to the ports that I need.

Close to last Christmas, we started receiving numerous SPAM emails to users that appeared to be from them, some had malicious content and some did not. The bad part was these emails had users questioning what they might have sent to themselves; luckily many realized it was a phishing attempt. With the iPrevision device in place, all of these emails were filtered out and it even syncs with Active Directory to filter out emails sent to non-existent accounts before they reach the Exchange server, saving precious server processing time. Best of all, there has never been a lag in the delivery time of email from adding the iPrevision device before the Exchange server.

As a web content filter, I could not live without this device. The amount of control and access to data is amazing and far surpasses most of the competition, take into account the price and there is no comparison! One of my favorite things about this device is the ability to create different access groups for web content. I created a user group for staff and a user group for students which is a more restricted account. When I create new accounts it only takes about 1 minute total to log into the device, go to the user management tool and add that user to the appropriate group. I cannot imagine trying to meet everyone’s needs and still protect users while everyone has the same access to the Internet!

For as long as I work in the field of technology, I will want to have an iPrevision device on my network protecting the work I am doing. Beyond the protection, the reports provided are unbelievably detailed. I have had faculty members come to me on more than one occasion to question a student’s Internet patterns and each time they are amazed and thankful I have access to so much history for each student and they have even been able to use these histories to speak to parents about issues with student behavior. Without this data, these things could never be proven or addressed, they are a life saver! I cannot think of one reason why any network would not benefit from this device. And did I mention the tech support is reliable, knowledgeable, and quick to respond, I almost always get a live person answering the phone and you never get an automated answering system.Wendy Howell | Napa, CA

First of all, let me tell you that your system has MANY more benefits than I had ever thought. At the time I signed up I was just excited to finally be able to stop people from going to websites and downloading things that were harming my system (games, my space, etc.). That in itself is enough of a benefit. Little did I know that I would get a discount on my Employment Related Practices Liability Insurance for having this system in place. We didn’t tell the company about the program we had, because it honestly didn’t occur to me to do so until we had an incident. Here’s what happened:

We had an employee in one of our branch offices who did several things we caught and were able to document. First, she was on the internet playing quite a bit. Second, we found that she was sending out job applications and resumes using our computer system during her work time. The final straw was, after being reprimanded for these, and told that any further incidents would result in her being dismissed, she actually went to her manager’s computer when the manager wasn’t there and was doing exactly the same thing.

Unfortunately for her I was training her manager at that exact time on how to use iPrevision so the manager of the branch was standing right next to me. The employee was dismissed the next morning. The employee then attempted to file several claims. Wrongful termination being the first one. Then with the state she said she was let go for “lack of work” and because of “unreasonable demands”. I was able to thoroughly disprove all of this so simply and easily. No stress, no problems. She went away very quietly after hearing about what I was able to print out and document. Both the insurance company and the State of Washington Employment Security Department were very impressed with the Internet security.Heidi Duncan | Olympia, WA

When we first purchased iPrevision, it was strictly a ‘preventative-maintenance’ purchase. The installation was simple and began working immediately! Because it is hardware-based, there was no installation at each workstation. It is invisible to the users and monitors web sites, proxy servers, instant messaging, and allows the blocking of unacceptable websites either for all for one user.

We were certain that our employees wouldn’t take advantage of the agency. Within a couple of days, however, we were more than a little surprised to find some employees spending hours per day surfing the web, checking MySpace, instant messaging friends, streamlining their favorite radio shows and music, planning vacations, shopping, and looking for love. We monitored it for a month or so and then began counseling those indivduals who had abused the system.

From that point to date, we have only had very minor infractions and we’re confident that after our initial shock at the abuse, iPrevision has become a preventative-maintenance program in our office. We have found it to be of great value and it has saved us a great deal of money now that our employees are working again! It was a good wake up call to remind us that you must in-spect what you expect.Barbara Partee | Covina, CA

iPrevision has been a wise investment for our agency in Colorado. We are able to monitor internet usage for our employees. Being able to block internet sites has taken away the temptation for employees that in the past had been on personal email and My Space during work hours. Production has increased from the staff. The unit itself and program is easy to utilize. We can check on web usage and email of staff at our desktop at any time. The service provided for setup as well as questions on features provided has been exceptional as well. I would recommend this program for any agency owner.Pam Horan | Denver, CO

Our company has more than one location and only one manager to oversee all employees. It is reassuring to know that one person does not have to be in all places, at all times to ensure employee compliance with company policies. The service provided by iPrevision has been excellent. Their product has proven to be very valuable and is well worth the investment.Sharyn Maldonado | Cerritos, CA

Our agency installed an iPrevision box at the end of December 2006. Immediately I was able to monitor web sites being accessed and block where employees were spending agency time on personal sites. A few months later iPrevision added SMTP mail monitoring. This has been a huge help in many areas. My favorite is to drastically cut out spam that has passed through both AppRiver and our firewall. Even with AppRiver catching an average of 98% of spam, there is still some that gets through. By going through the iPrevision SMTP logs, I am able to add domains to the AppRiver blocked sender list. This has cut down on about 75% more of the spam that used to go in the in boxes. iPrevision is a very valuable tool for any company that needs the internet and email to do business.

iPrevision works, it is the best tool that our agency has purchased since dual monitors.Lori Bennett | Medford, OR

Gathering information through the reports is so quick and user friendly. In moments our office can locate any information we want be it on an individual’s use or the entire office. The setup was a simple process and the information gathered almost immediately was invaluable. This is such an important tool for our business that I can’t imagine how we operated without it!Megan Ham | Folsom, CA

Before iPrevision we had NO IDEA what our staff was doing on their work machines during working hours. We had a policy that they were not supposed to use the internet for personal reasons. They signed this policy stating they understood and would abide by it. We hooked up the iPrevision machine and did not tell anyone….the most frequented website in the office was myspace.com! It was also surprising to find out who the violators were in the office. Since we made the announcement that we had a device to monitor activity and we have blocked many popular websites we have seen an up tick in productivity in the office. My favorite thing about iPrevision is the support they provide. They go above and beyond any time I have had a question on the product and the installation of it. They are great!Karyn Seibert Roeling, CPCU | Tampa, FL

I knew we had some issues before I created our “Technology Use Policy”. When we created these guidelines I explained our new monitoring system and gave our staff some statistics on the internet use from the previous month. They now know what is monitored… websites, email, web mail – we don’t have issues anymore.We continue to get bombarded with new subscription services that add value to our business and I try to keep these expenses to a minimum. The internet use monitoring service through iPrevision is one that I think is a must.Dan Zeiler | Alsip, IL

Before we implemented the Panoptech device, we were sure that the amount of personal internet usage was slowly rising in our office. After running it for awhile, those that we never suspected of surfing the web were the top offenders. It’s pretty eye-opening to see the amount of time spent on non-business web use throughout the day. Given today’s marketplace, we cannot afford to pay people to surf the web during business hours.Carol Kowalski | Grand Rapids, MI

We use iPrevision to block undesirable websites and also to eliminate the temptation to spend excessive time on the web for personal use. It has been a great tool for both. The installation was a “snap” and the ongoing service provided is incredible!Jeffri Northcut | Louisville, KY

We decided we needed some kind of employee internet management solution after multiple incidents involving the same employee. We chose Panoptech by iPrevision because it’s the easiest to use, the reports are simple, and nothing needs to be loaded on each workstation. The device was up and running in our agency in less than 15 minutes. It’s an extremely valuable tool.Dana Nulty-Beals | Kalamazoo, MI

We established ‘cyber cafes’ at each location that isolated any personal internet use from our data side. We allowed usage on these computers for personal internet during their breaks & lunch time. In doing this, it greatly decreased the personal usage on our data system side… although we did still have some random personal usage which got reported to the manger in charge. My belief is that we are a society of immediate information in one form or another and restricting this from everyone would be very hard….in the same token we have a lot of confidential information at risk. By allowing this freedom through the cyber cafe, we are saying to our staff we know you need to check your bank statements, child’s grades, etc – we just need to do it safely so this was really was an easy transition for us.Sharlene Hilderman | Pierre, SD

We have been very happy with the device since implementation and everything is running smoothly in our office. The thing I love is that it does everything you advertise it to do, and when you do the online demo you are seeing exactly what the product does and can do. It makes it easy to purchase when you are comfortable that you know exactly what you are getting.Sandy Bardwell | Grand Rapids, MI